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Everyman’s War[2009]

May 2, 2010

The story of this film is based upon actual events in the history of the 94th Infantry Division,activated from September 15th, 1942(Utah Beach) until February 9th,1946.

The movie follows the story of the men of the 94th Infantry Division, 302nd Regiment, M Company and their battle in January 1945, in Nennig,Germany against Hitler’s Panzer “Ghost Division”, but focuses especially on Don Smith(Col Carson).

Don was 19 when he met Dorine(Lauren Bair) and then was called to enlist. The men were going to war against the Germans.

Amongst the men with whom he was deployed, Don develops a strong friendship with Starks(Michael J. Prosser),his superior,who is later killed in action.

Now leading his own team and with no communications, under German tanks attack, Smith,regardless of his wounds, runs through the battle field to announce the command post of the dangers approaching.

2009 GI Film Festival Winner For Best Narrative Feature

One man’s hope…One man’s courage…Everyman’s War

An impressive and emotional story, an insight on the American troops holding the lines in World War II.

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